Design and prices

Photo Album Design

Each photo album made by Alina’s Books is individually designed (placing photos on the pages of the book, coloring, retouching, decor elements, designer textures and backgrounds, texts and other artistic effects) on the album theme and the wishes of the customer. We are not working with the standard templates, so you can be sure in the uniqueness of your photo album.

Photo Album Pricing

Final photo book price consists of design price and its producing (printing).

The cost of the design development for one spread of the book:

  • with photos made by Alina’s Books studio – 100 UAH.
  • with professional photos made by other photographers (high resolution, lossless format, high quality of images) – 150 UAH.
  • with non-professional photos – from 200 UAH., in dependence of photos quality and design requirements.

Price of photo book printing is counted depending on book spreads number, page format and used materials and accessories (boxes, covers and other accessories).

Typically, from materials of a two-hour photo session produced photobook with 20 pages.

The estimated cost of the photobook for 20 spreads that uses photos made by Alina’s Books studio and assembled with using matte paper in size 24×24 cm. and photo cover is about 3000 UAH.

Photo Sessions

Quite often clients without a set of photos, enough to create high-quality photo book address to Alina’s Books. In this case, we can offer to organize a photo session oriented on creation of photo story of your dream.

During this meeting we will discuss your expectations and wishes, main idea, style and format of the future photo session. I will try to answer all your questions about photo session preparation.

The estimated cost of the two hours photo session is about 3000 UAH. As a result, you will get the 30 best images in the author’s retouch + the rest successful images with the base color correction, recorded on a DVD-ROM. On customer request the original photos in RAW format can be also provided for free.

When planning the photo session should be taken into account also additional costs for rent studio, make-up and hairstyles services.


You can order the professional retouching services for photos made by Alina’s Books Studio, as well as by other photographers.

The price of single image processing started from 100 UAH, depending on the quality of the photographic material and client’s objectives.

Gift certificates

Gift certificateWe can provide gift certificates to conduct photo session and/or the creation of an exclusive photo album.

We made sure to make your gift looks elegant and pleased an eye: spectacular hand made gift card made with premium materials, packed in its protective envelope and kraft pack. Your gift will look elegant and definitely not go unnoticed!

The price of each certificate is calculated individually based on its content and the price of services.

Branded packaging

We’ve made sure that your order has been beautifully and carefully packed, so prepared the original packaging for Alina’s Books photographic production.

Alina's Books: Packaging

Alina's Books: Packaging

Alina's Books: Packaging

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