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My name is Alina, I create photo stories, in particular – designer photo books.

The world of photography has attracted me since childhood. Being a little girl, I scrutinized glossy magazines with interest, trying to understand how it is possible to achieve such a perfect picture.

Being a teenage girl, mastering the simplest application on images processing became for me a real discovery: it turned out that I was able to improve photos! Deleting with great enthusiasm the effect of “red eyes” on amateur pictures, I couldn’t even imagine that this activity may have some relation to my future profession. I just liked to hone photos to perfection, emphasizing their intensity and expressiveness.

While mastering more difficult methods and means of images processing I was greatly interested in this artistic process. I have discovered for myself the whole world of retouche and collaging. Moreover, photo books creating has become my main and favourite practice.

Working over every photo book I lose sense of time as I am in a hurry to tell a new fascinating story, emphasize beauty and uniqueness of every picture and express importance of the moment.

This work gives me a lot of pleasure while giving enjoyment to people who hold photo book which they had dreamt about.

Having entrusted me your photos with the most precious memories, you will get exclusive photo story skillfully composed into photo book. I will properly place photographs on broadside in such a way they will spectacularly stress each other without breaking into each other. I will combine them into harmonic composition, enriched with elegant background and texture, frames, text and special designer effects. I don’t work with standard samples that’s why you will be sure that your photo book is unique.

Every photo book broadside is a small story about the most precious moments. Every photo book is amazing story of Your life.

Contact me and I will help you to tell your story in a lovely way!

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